Nneka Egbujiobi: The Attorney Who Created the Newest Dating App

Nneka Egbujiobi: The Attorney Who Created the Newest Dating App

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The dream started in 2018 for Nneka Egbujiobi: “One night, I was sitting at home reading a few DMs that were sent to me but I wasn’t intrigued. I then thought, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a platform for the African community where we could select the type of people we wished to date?" Egbujiobi’s initial peevishness toward the unwelcome DMs (direct messages) led her to invent an app that would help Africans in the diaspora to create beneficial connections.

The Hello Africa app not only helps men and women to find potential spouses but also promotes dialogue between like-minded Africans. “The reward of seeing [my] vision come together is worth every minute of the uncertainty [that I] initially felt,” Egbujiobi says.


A preview of the Hello Africa app

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Egbujiobi credited her parents; Interventional Cardiologist, Dr. Leo Egbujiobi, and Bridget Egbujiobi, who both migrated from Nigeria to the United States in 1979. “My biggest influencers are my mom and dad,” Egbujiobi said. “My mom showed me how to navigate life with strength and my dad taught me humility.” Now, both parents clearly recognize their daughter’s altruistic nature.

Egbujiobi received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and then obtained her jurist doctorate degree from the University of Wisconsin Law School. After Egbujiobi became a licensed attorney and practiced law for several years in Pasadena, CA, she began working on the Hello Africa app: “I decided to create a platform where Africans like myself [could] log on and meet a vast [majority] of sophisticated and quality people.”

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Photo from the Hello Africa dating mixer in Los Angeles, CA.

Egbujiobi observed the ceaseless hard work of so many genuine, loving women; she also understood that such dedication did not leave much room for anything else. The source of her innovation was a desire to be able to locate and connect with Africans globally. She also sought to help women like herself to form much-desired connections with other Africans and to improve their dating prospects through the app. Though she once wondered why a platform like this was not already well-known and widely used, it was this deficiency that led her to create Hello Africa. “Everything happens for a reason,” she said.

Egbujiobi encourages other budding entrepreneurs to follow their dreams, as doing so not only helps to make those dreams a reality but also fosters a cheerful spirit. She noted intrinsic motivation is more likely to lead to triumph than superficial goals. “I would tell others trying to follow their dream to make sure that it is [actually] their dream. If it is not your dream, you may not have the motivation or desire to see it to fruition,” Egbujiobi said. She advises others to invest, even if that means sleepless nights, greater expenses, and unforeseen delays: “The reward is better,” she noted.

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Guests attending the Hello Africa dating mixer in Los Angeles, CA.

When asked about the future of the Hello Africa app, Egbujiobi said, “We still have a long way to go, but it’s amazing to see how many Africans we have been able to bring together thus far.” She also praised her team’s collaboration. “We have so many innovative features [planned] for the app and I am very excited for current and future users. We are taking Africa to a whole new plateau.”

The Hello Africa app is now available on Google Play and on the App Store. The best way to check out the app is to download it then test it out for yourself. With the development of today's technology, you never know who you can meet - apps like Hello Africa, ensure international connections are possible.

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