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1 Day Away From Foster Care: Eli's Story of Perseverance

If you see Eli Caldwell, he is always in a good mood and is always ...

This Female Oncologist is Championing Quality Healthcare Around the World

Growing up in the village of Kwanyuswa, South Africa, Dr. Mazibuko made the impossible possible ...

Meet Roy Allela, The Young Kenyan Who Invented a Hand Glove That is Changing The Way We Communicate

Some may ask what drove this 25-year-old man with perfect hearing, no speech impediments, and ...

Nicholas Buamah is the 8-Year-Old Ghanaian Author Whose Book Was Accepted Into The Library of Congress

Nicholas Buamah at 8 years old and just over 4ft tall is a titan in ...

Ashley Williams Receives Her Master’s Degree and Law Degree in the Same Week

Reminiscing on her law school journey, Ashley says it was not easy. “I faced rejection ...

South Sudan's First Female Pilot Takes The Captain's Seat At Delta Air Lines

Aluel James Bol made history by becoming South Sudan’s first female pilot in 2011 ...

Chris Kwekowe Turned Down a Job Offer From Bill Gates to Start Slatecube

Kwekowe wrote in a Facebook post: “Oh yeah, I did meet with Bill Gates in ...

Ramarni Wilfred Scored 162 on His IQ Test, Beating Albert Einstein and Bill Gates, Placing Him in the Top 1% in the UK

When his IQ was compared with that of the names mentioned above, Ramarni displayed his ...

Bolaji: "It Still Surprises Me When People Marvel At My English"

Three years down the road, as I attempt to small-talk with my Lyft driver, my ...

An African Child's Story

January 1994, I was only 7years old. It was a cold, dry typical African morning ...


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