Behind The Lens With A Nigerian Photographer: Oye Diran

Oye Diran

Oye Diran's work speaks for itself. The Nigerian photographer's artwork has been featured in Vogue ITALIA and Afropunk. His latest project, "A Ti De" (we have arrived), explores vintage Yoruba fashion from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Seeing that the Yoruba tribe is one of the largest in Nigeria, it was no surprise to see tens of thousands of Nigerians resonating with his artwork when he debuted it on Nataal back in March.

Chief, Mrs. Nike Okundaye-Davies: The Founder of Nike Art Gallery

nike art gallery 1 .jpg

Chief Nike (pronounced “Ne-Kay”) Okundaye-Davies is one of Nigeria’s most famous artists. She was born in central Nigeria in 1951, during the nationalistic decolonization period. In her early childhood, Nike lived in Osogbo, a traditional city in southwestern Nigeria, and began working in the family’s art trade when she was just six years old.


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