The Best Beaches to Visit Along the Gulf Of Guinea

The Best Beaches to Visit Along the Gulf Of Guinea


They say the best things in life are free. Well, how about taking a dip in the ocean? If you visit the Gulf of Guinea which lies on the west coast of Southern Africa, a quick swim won’t cost you a penny and beaches are scattered along a 540km coastline.

Labadi Beach

It is a public beach located in Labadi, at the western section of Accra with a length of 3 Km.

This is a wide beach with many facilities for frisbee, football and beach volleyball. Being in the capital it is very popular with locals, that flock to this beach during weekends

This beach is lined with bars, restaurants and snack booths as well as umbrellas and changing rooms.


Kokrobite Beach Village

Located in Langma in 27 Km west of Accra, this is a 30 Km long beach. Since it is far from the capital it is less frequented by tourists, but if you get there you’ll be welcomed by scenic views of the hills and the crystal clear waters

This beach has great surf, so if you decide to do it, there are boards for rent at the village. There are some facilities like changing rooms and restaurants, adequate enough for tourists.

In the evening it gets a party atmosphere with bonfire celebrations and Reggae music, complete with drumming, singing, and dancing.


Ada Foah Beach

Also called Plain Ada Beach, is located 100 Km east of Accra. This is actually a coastal village near the Lome Road. It is an ideal beach for many Water sports like fishing and water-skiing and with a Marina nearby, it is also great for yachting.

Located at the estuary of the Volta River, it is an area with a lovely scenic beauty. There are also some endangered and protected areas for marine turtles and other marine life.


Ada Foah is the center of the Dangme East District with its beaches, estuary and other attractions. There is a ferry and boat harbor at the riverside where boats can be rented for a cruise around the islands.

Ada is also home to Aziza Island, a private island accessible only by boat which hosts luxurious weddings.

Elmina Beaches

The beaches of Elmina are among the best in entire West Africa. They are lined by palms over wide areas of sandy beaches. From here you have a view of old St George’s Castle.


Cocoloco Beach

Located east of Accra, where the Volta River flows into the Atlantic Ocean, near Ada, it is the beach for nature lovers.

It is a breeding ground for sea turtles and a sanctuary for estuary birds.


Alaska Beach

Located near Busua, this beach is secluded and complete with camping facilities, bungalows for rent, showers, and water sports facilities. The beach features several restaurants, where tourists can sample fresh seafood and other local cuisines.

alaska beach.jpg

Axim Beach

Located west of Takoradi it is sheltered on a natural bay. It is a rocky beach. Axim is the largest town on the coast west of Takoradi, and the settlement of approximately 10,000 people. It has a good infrastructure for tourism.


So grab the swimsuit, call a friend and head over to these sunny beaches. You'll be thanking us later!

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