Interview: Mr. May D. Shares His Journey Through The Music Industry

Interview: Mr. May D. Shares His Journey Through The Music Industry

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Akinmayokun Awodunmila, popularly known as Mr. May D., gained much attention when he emerged into the music scene in 2011. The singer, songwriter, and dancer is an entertainer in every sense of the word.

We sat down with the Lagos bred musician as he shared his journey through the music industry.

The singer, who received his claim to fame under the PSquare brothers' auspices, met the duo in 2008 through a rapper named, Alaye. With the support from PSquare, May D. churned out hits such as “Ile-Ijo," "Gat Me High," and "Soundtrack" amongst others that ruled the airwaves. “Africans just want to dance," he said and his style of music is certainly tailored to suit the dance-centric taste of Africans.

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We asked May D. about what inspired him to form his own record label barely a year after rising to fame and admittedly he said, “It’s not like I planned on having my label because the thought was that I was going to be [a part of] Square records for life." The working relationship between the singer and the now-defunct Square label ended barely a year after he was signed due to “irreconcilable differences."

However, the termination of his contract from Square records led several local and foreign labels to go into a frenzy trying to sign May D. to their team. May D. weighed his options then decided to launch Confam Entertainment. “I was like if I want to be signed by these people, why don’t I sign myself and make money," he said.

For May D., the popular phrase "from nothing to something" frequently used by successful people shouldn't imply from “broke to riches.“ “You can’t just be born into something,” he said. ”It’s about whatever you are doing, it was nothing, then you built it into something.” He believes the key to success is to focus on building your craft - regardless of your financial standing.

The award-winning singer parted with a word of advice for those who want to enter the music industry, “There is nothing more than staying focused, knowing what your dream is and going for it,” he said. As of this year, May D. has joined the infamous DMW (Davido Music Worldwide) family and says he’s looking forward to seeing the world enjoy his new sound.

Check out May D.’s latest 2020 music video, “Lowo Lowo” featuring Davido.

The video for his 2020 single, “Molatiwa E” is dropping soon as well. To keep up with May D., follow him on social media, mrmayd.

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