Bolaji: "It Still Surprises Me When People Marvel At My English"

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Three years down the road, as I attempt to small-talk with my Lyft driver, my unavoidable 'accent' that comes with living in the US, brings about different variations of essentially the same question: “I noticed you have an accent, where are you from?” Nigeria, is and will always be my answer, the pride and smile evident on my face. If you are foreign, do not be afraid or shy of your otherness.

French to Become Ghana’s Official Second Language


An announcement by Foreign Affairs Ministry that government intends to employ French as a second language, has unsettled a few quills. Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Hon. Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey says the choice to acquire French as a second language is a noteworthy worry of the Government of Ghana, in accordance with national priorities. She further reiterated that plans by government to incorporate the advancement of the learning of French in fundamental schools and over every other dimension of learning, as a component of a general change of Ghana's educational sector.

Why Is Madagascar A Part of Africa?


Officially known as the Republic of Madagascar, this nation is an island (including other smaller islands) in the Indian Ocean and is situated in the shoreline of Southeast Africa – over 400 kilometers from the coast of Mozambique. The island of Madagascar is the fourth-biggest island on the planet.

Egyptian Civilization- The Pyramid Scheme


The terrific pyramids of the Egyptians (the Egyptian symbol of human advancement) are viewed as the primus inter pares of the seven miracles of the world. From the Aztecs, to Maya, to Teotihuacan, to Chinese and different civic establishments, with every last one of them loaning their one of a kind touch to the idea of pyramidal engineering, the masonry structures which date as far back as the third dynasty is what puts the Pharaohs on the globe as the pacesetters of modern day civilization.


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