Big A: AFRIMMA Founder Discusses His Inaugural Homecoming Nigeria Event

Big A: AFRIMMA Founder Discusses His Inaugural Homecoming Nigeria Event

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Anderson Obiagwu, popularly known as Big A. in the African entertainment scene, has been in the business of showcasing African creatives to the world for many years. Obiagwu is the founder of African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) and Big A. Entertainment.

Over the past decade, Obiagwu has evolved as one of the biggest promoters of African arts and entertainment worldwide. He followed his passion for pushing African music to the international scene and has since crafted a brand to reckon with in the creative industry. His businesses started with a genuine love for the entertainment industry and soon morphed into avenues that would allow him to positively impact creatives’ lives. The stories of many African artists who have made it to the global scene are incomplete without mentioning Big A.

In an interview with AfroVibes, the music entrepreneur discusses his new “Homecoming Nigeria“ project.

Obiagwu's life goal is to showcase Africa positively to quell the continent’s misinformation. In 2018, he further pursued this by organizing a large, celebrity-sponsored group trip to Nigeria. “The reason why we started Homecoming Nigeria was for us to be able to bring our kids home and let them see what Nigeria is all about,” he said.

Obiagwu believes his Homecoming Nigeria project will afford Africans in the diaspora the opportunity to experience Nigeria personally. “We just want to give them the platform. The opportunity for them to come here and see for themselves,” he said.

The first edition of Homecoming Nigeria included a variety of activities such as speed dating, cultural tours, boat parties, and night outings in an effort to make learning about the country more enjoyable. Obiagwu promises future editions will be even better as he hopes to continue growing the project for years to come.

Obiagwu, originally from Imo State, spent most of his childhood in the eastern part of Nigeria. He highlights that although there are many concerns about Africa, its challenges are not alien to developed countries. Therefore, he believes Africans should not let the wrong narrative sail through without attempting to change it.

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“We can’t run away from who we are. We are Africans, we are Nigerians so we have to come here," Obiagwu said. "If we have to fix it, we have to be the ones to come together to fix the country."

The music executive isn’t all talk and no action; he has proven himself worthy of being an ambassador by using his platform to propagate multi-city tours for African musicians, comedians, creatives, and now youth. Acting as a passionate supporter of the Nigerian community, he calls on Nigerians in the diaspora to paint the country in a positive light after their visits.

“You are now an ambassador, so you go back and preach the word out there. The good word that Nigeria is a beautiful country,“ he said.

Currently, Obiagwu is gearing up for this year‘s AFRIMMA event happening in Dallas, Texas (virtually) on November, 15th. The annual event will feature well-known musicians such as Flavour, Yemi Alade, Rema, and Fally Ipupa.

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