Ethiopia's New Airport is the Largest in Africa

Ethiopia's New Airport is the Largest in Africa


Already established as one of Africa's most interesting places to be with its flourishing history and captivating sceneries, Ethiopia continues to make a case for why it should be the place to visit with the latest expansion of its internationally-acclaimed airport, Addis Ababa Bole International Airport.

For the country, these efforts are targeted at solidifying its brand and that of the Ethiopian airlines as one of the most competitive travel solutions for travelers around the world.

The newly constructed state-of-the-art terminal features world-class automation systems that would allow passengers to check-in and board all by themselves, bag drops, e-gates together with installations of the most recent security systems.

The renovation which was funded by the Chinese government also includes a luxurious 5-star hotel, the Grand Skylight, which stands as one of China's most popular hospitality management chains.


At the launch of the establishment, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia His Excellency Abiy Ahmed remarked that the hotel and terminal with its architectural brilliance signal another landmark achievement in modern-day Africa. Also present at the inauguration was the CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, Mr. Tewlolde Gebre Mariam, senior members of states, and other international luminaries.

The $363 million terminal now has the capacity to occupy a maximum of 22 million passengers, thrice the number it used to contain pitching it as one of the continent's largest airports.

The country's flagship airline continues to grow at jet speed posting years of multiples profits under its 15- year strategic plan to become the best air travel option on the continent.


These achievements come at the back of other notable feats such as the airport's overtaking Dubai as the largest transport hub between Africa and the world. With its announcement last year of a visa-on-arrival for Africans, the country is truly pitching itself as not only the most advanced but also most successful airline in Africa. The height of the country's achievement in the aviation industry seems to be leaping further skyward.

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