Ramarni Wilfred Scored 162 on His IQ Test, Beating Albert Einstein and Bill Gates, Placing Him in the Top 1% in the UK

Ramarni Wilfred Scored 162 on His IQ Test, Beating Albert Einstein and Bill Gates, Placing Him in the Top 1% in the UK

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Ramarni Wilfred is a force to reckon with. It is true all men were created equal but it is also true that even in the equality of things, there are classes.

16-year-old, Ramarni Wilfred, falls in the class of the world’s most intelligent.

The signs that Ramarni was born to be extraordinary started showing before he was two years old. By 18 months, he was already having conversations with his mother about news headlines. He was always interested in books, especially the encyclopedia. By the time he turned three, Ramarni was almost reading and writing perfectly.

As a result, Ramarni was enrolled in a gifted and talented program, at St. Anthony’s Primary school in Upton Avenue, Forest Gate London by the age of ten.

The extraordinary kid would write an essay which got him a 2:1 and a mock Oxford graduation. It was an usual feat for someone his age and enough to earn him an invitation to take an IQ test at Birbeck University. Ramarni scored 162; a record higher than that of the German-born theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein, who had an IQ record of I60.

Even Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corporation, and Professor Stephen Hawkins, the English theoretical physicist, are ranked below Ramarni Wilfred. Both are of the same record (160) with Albert Einstein.

Nevertheless, when his IQ was compared with that of the names mentioned above, Ramarni displayed his modesty by saying, “I can’t begin to compare myself to these great men whose hard work proves they are true geniuses. Who knows? Perhaps my ‘true genius’ moment will come when I grow up but for now, I am just proud of myself and happy that my mother and sister are proud of me too.”

However, it is important to note that an IQ, is a score derived from one of the standardized tests that are designed to assess human intelligence. The abbreviation “IQ’ was coined by the psychologist, William Stern, for the German term, Intelligenzquotient.

Ramarni Wilfred was 11-year-old when his IQ record of an opening to join the prestigious Mensa society and placed him in the Top 1% in the Uk.

Founded in England in 1946 by Roland Berrill, a barrister, and Dr. Lance Ware, a scientist, Mensa is an IQ society for bright people that provides a forum for the intellectual exchange of ideas among its members. Its stated purposes are to identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity, to encourage research in nature, characteristics, and uses of intelligence, and to promote stimulating intellectual and social opportunities for its members.

The Mensa society welcomes people from every walk of life whose IQ is in the top 2% of the population, with the objective of enjoying each other's company and participating in a wide range of social and cultural activities. Which include the exchange of ideas through lectures, discussions, journals, special-interest groups, and other gatherings.

Ramarni says, “I don’t really see having a high IQ as a big deal but I do feel very privileged to be invited to join Mensa. This is a great opportunity that can open a lot of doors for me. But I also believe that having a high IQ isn’t that important unless you do something really special with it.”

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