CTRL The System: Rwanda Sets Up First Coding Academy

CTRL The System: Rwanda Sets Up First Coding Academy

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Paul Kagame’s Rwanda is going to be the first of many new success stories in Africa. Rwanda has embraced innovation and is currently setting up its next generation for the future by launching a coding institute. This initiative is a component of endeavors to address in an economical way the extreme lack of high programming and performance computing specialists in the Rwandan market. The coding academy will spend significant time in the fields of programming, installing and embedding frameworks and digital security, as indicated by authorities.

Speaking during the launch, the Minister of Education said that the thought of building up the school stemmed from a national leadership retreat that was held in Gabiro 2018 . " This is the first school of its kind in Rwanda which is in accordance with government vision to evolve into a knowledge based economy. Technical skills play a big role in building the economy that provides opportunities; especially for youth to get jobs or create new jobs" he said.

Rwanda Coding Academy opened its doors for the first time in 4th February 2019, to enroll 60 students altogether composed of 30 young women and 30 young men, who were among the top performers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects in the previous years' O' Level National Exams. The academy will graduate students after 3 years of learning and they will be fit with the tag "Born To Code" which will be the basis of their development as worldwide programming engineers. The program is purposely planned and bolstered by Government, to give students a helpful learning condition.


Rwanda's Coding Academy

Speaking to the media, Minister of ICT and Innovation; Paula Ingabire said "We are starting off with sixty (students) but the intention is if we can roll out at least five coding academies. One in each province, then you are looking at enrolling about three hundred students every year that can eventually become software experts".

The institute is part of Nyabihu Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) which was also launched that day. Nyabihu TVET School is one of the promises made by President Paul Kagame to residents of Nyabihu and surrounding areas. It has been built up by the Government of Rwanda in association with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). Presently facilitating for 129 students, the school will train young Rwandan from across the country in four trades that respond to the labor market needs of the country, namely; Culinary Art, Food processing, Welding, and Leather craft.

The training of youth at an early age comes with high energy, creativity, and talents, which are also the key to future prosperity. The “Digital Talent Policy” calls for initiatives to strengthen a framework of ICT training and qualification in Rwanda. Placing emphasis on hands-on and market-oriented ICT skills, specifically introducing software programming to learners at elementary levels in order to address current shortages of software developers in the market.

With all of this underway, Rwanda has embarked on building a knowledge-based economy, through promoting science and technology in the ranks of its next generation.

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