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Ashley Williams: Graduate Receives Master’s Degree and Law Degree in the Same Week

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Reminiscing on her law school journey, she said it wasn’t easy. “I faced rejection from schools during two separate admission cycles—Once while I was working at the White House and once while I was in the State Department, but I was determined to go.” It was not until January 2016 that she received a favorable letter from University of Pennsylvania, and started in the fall of 2016, one year after beginning her Master’s program.

South Sudan's First Female Pilot Takes The Captain's Seat At Delta Air Lines

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In the same way, she made history by becoming Sudan’s first female pilot in 2011, she raised the bar, in 2018, by taking the Captain’s seat at Delta Airline, one of the leading Airline Companies in the world.

“I feel extremely delighted at the mere thought of achieving my dream. As a child growing up, I always wanted to be a pilot and my late dad made sure he did all that it takes to make me succeed.” She said at a State reception held in her honor.


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