To Me, Africa is a Gift

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This year, I celebrated Africa Day by sending WhatsApp messages to my friends in Senegal and in South Africa - I felt lonely being so far away. As I prepared for bed, I noticed a photo of myself. In the photo, I’m wearing a black and goal outfit that my friend, Ibou, made for me while I was in Senegal. The picture made me think about what it meant to be a White man born and raised in Africa - about where I actually belonged and didn't belong.

Nigeria From A Nigerian's Perspective: Ikenna Mbadiwe

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It's the year 2020, but many are still unaware of how much Africa has developed. Most Africans aren’t living in huts — don’t let the movies fool you. In Africa, you can find nice cars, multiple-story homes, and unparalleled skyscrapers. No one is walking around with bow and arrows these days.

Nneka Egbujiobi: The Attorney Who Created The Newest Dating App

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The dream started in 2018 for Nneka Egbujiobi: “One night, I was sitting at home reading a few DMs that were sent to me but I wasn’t intrigued. I then thought, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a platform for the African community where we could select the type of people we wished to date?" Egbujiobi’s initial peevishness toward the unwelcome DMs (direct messages) led her to invent an app that would help Africans in the diaspora to create beneficial connections.


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