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This Female Oncologist is Championing Quality Healthcare Around the World

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Growing up in the village of Kwanyuswa, South Africa, Dr. Mazibuko made the impossible possible. She became the first in her family to be literate. “I was the first indigenous black to enter the field of radiation Oncology in KZN, South Africa and I was called a monkey that didn’t deserve an education,” said Dr. Mazibuko.

Nicholas Buamah is the 8-Year-Old Ghanaian Author Whose Book Was Accepted Into The Library of Congress

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Nicholas Buamah at 8 years old and just over 4ft tall is a titan in his own right. Born to Ghanaian parents, Danielle and Dominic Buamah, he is well on his way to prodigy status. Like most children his age Nicholas loves sports and superheroes but his life has a bit of a twist. While his schoolmates are grappling with 2nd grade coursework he is going to book signings and meeting fans.

Rihanna Becomes The Wealthiest Female Pop Icon


The 31-year-old amassed a stunning $600 million net worth, surpassing Madonna by $30 million, Dion by $150 million and Beyoncé by $200 million. While Rihanna is well known for hits like, "Umbrella," "Jewels" and "What's My Name?" ironically her music isn't the main wellspring of her wealth.


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