Popular Music: Kizz Daniel & Davido - One Ticket

Popular Music: Kizz Daniel & Davido - One Ticket

Kizz Daniel & Davido - One Ticket

Late last year (2018), Nigerian singer and songwriter, Kizz Daniel, released a hit single titled "One Ticket." This song is one of the most popular hits from his "No Bad Songz" album and features DMW boss, Davido.

The Afrobeats song paints a picture of a dysfunctional relationship as both artists enthrall with some of their best lines. See the song's lyrics, translation, and visuals below and enjoy!

Lyrics & Translations


Loving You Na Scam O

[Loving you is a scam o ('o' or 'oh' is used by Africans to express emphasis)]

(Oh I don try for your matter o)

[Oh I have done my best on you]

It's Major Bangz

[Verse 1: Davido]

Every time wire me money (Shepe)

[Every time, send me money]

Hello baby, have you sent it (Na wa)

You don't even know what you do to me

Shofe kolosho gba mula mi ni

[Do you want prostitutes to collect my money?]

Olomoge you be scammer

[Young lady, you are a scammer - 'Olomoge' is a word from the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria meaning 'young lady' or 'lady']

I dey follow you for back o

[I am following you at the back]

Baby you blow my mind, I no go lie

[Baby you blow my mind, I won't lie]


See baby, if you want to leave, biko leave

['Biko' is a word from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria meaning 'please']

No do shakara, no dey carry your shoulder o

[Don't be pompous, don't raise your shoulders]

As you see me so baby, na because of you I don kolo

[As I am, it is because of you I am crazy]

See I don dey go, one ticket obodo oyibo

[See I am going, one ticket to the abroad]


Do you... one ticket

[Verse 2: Kizz Daniel]

Hello O (Confam)

['Confam' is a slang said to ascertain a fact]

Me I no dey hear you again

[I can't hear you again]

E be like your network don dey fail

[It seems your network is failing]

Meanwhile Rosita dey hail o

[Meanwhile, Rosita is hailing]

If you break my heart today

Me I go sharperly replace

[I will quickly replace]

Carry another baby give her what she wanting

[Take another baby, give her what she wants]

Small thing you don dey vex

[Any little thing, you are already vexing]

You don dey order Uber

[You are already calling for Uber]

Veronica cool down (Cool Down )

[Chorus] x 2


OBO Baddest

It’s called, one ticket

[Chorus] x 2


Swaps (swaps)

Boy Kizz

Already know

One ticket

One ticket, one ticket

Is a scam ticket

You can go, you can go


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