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CTRL The System: Rwanda Sets Up First Coding Academy

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Rwanda Coding Academy opened its doors for the first time in 4th February 2019, to enroll 60 students altogether including 30 young ladies and 30 young men, who were among the top performers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects in the previous year's O' Level National Exams. The academy will graduate students after 3 years of learning and they will be fit with the tag "Born To Code" which will be the basis of their development as worldwide programming engineers.

Chris Kwekowe Turned Down a Job Offer From Bill Gates to Start Slatecube


Kwekowe wrote in a Facebook post: “Oh yeah, I did meet with Bill Gates in Durban, South Africa, where we had some candid discussion about everything, from his involvement with charitable causes in the continent to how he makes time to be a great father for his kids. My favourite moments were watching his reaction after I told him I turned down job offers from Microsoft and the likes to pursue something more defining for me..."


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